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wasted money.

I'd fire your ass if I was a client and if this was real.

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Guest commenter

i live in Israel and i saw this ad few times.very good one.
it was published in sections which relevant for advertisers.

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OK, than I'd just fire their asses.

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missed my turn
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I concur, wasted ad.

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Guest commenter

wasted money

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Guest commenter

This is really unbelievable bad. You do an ad to say ad does not work. Go and do a radio commercial to prove that radio works better

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they did it on the radio long before print, and still keeping
but not everyone listens to the radio :)
besides what they mean is - print can work too, it just costs lots of money, while radio costs very little

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Guest commenter 02

I am wondering why they are going to promote their radio station in a print ad and argue that clients shouldn't advertize in print. Strange.

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How in the world is this strange? This is what an advertising company should do, the right ad for the right client. Not think about their own asses. All in all, this idea is working and working well. I'm sure none of their other clients were offended after seeing this ad.

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It takes chutzpah to run something like this, but I gotta agree: not the brightest approach.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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like this.......

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at least they didn't waste much time making it.

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