Iside: Hammer

If we weren't so young our reliability would be legendary. We're newborn, not beginners. Trust us because we;re here to provide the Cooperative Bank with a supportive IT service. Trust us, we insist.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Marco Carnevale
Art Director: Francesco Basile
Copywriters: Alessandro M. Sciortino

March 2009


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Lgen...wait for it...dary!


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Too bossy.

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The copy destroys it all.

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all the banks talk about trust! boring

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Dev Kumar
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Why should anyone accept that your reliability would be legendary if you were older? What have you got to show to substantiate your claim and insistance? Sorry mate, but the visual is north pole and the copy is south pole. The Ad obviously is caught in no-man's land. :-(

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It's not very reassuring when the body copy begs the reader to trust the firm. This really chips away at the brand's credibility and you begin to question their competence and confidence in their services.

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