iReader: Tree Story, 3

Every book is a tragedy for trees. Read ebooks.

This campaign was

Advertising Agency: BBH, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Yinbo Ma, Carol Ong
Art Director: Haoxi Lv
Copywriters: Michelle Wu, Carol Ong
Illustrator: XiDan / Happy Finish
Producer: Yilin Lim

April 2013


Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
406 pencils

This guy has proven yet again he can art direct.

The logo treatment lets it down slightly though. Shame it isn't a nicer logo.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

Ad for an ad's sake.

Fera Groove's picture
Fera Groove
205 pencils

You guys should have done it 8 years ago.

Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
406 pencils

Exactly the same.

The concept isn't brilliant to begin with. Just eye candy.

certaintly's picture
3994 pencils


Milan Solanki's picture
Milan Solanki
992 pencils

copy and visual don't relate

monoliz's picture
1304 pencils

very lame point, it's not appealing, it's on the surface.
yes, copy and visual are disconnected

kleenex's picture
41162 pencils

Solid work.

Lazarus's picture
1536 pencils

Nice art. Probably not real.

jackblack's picture
2350 pencils

BBH finally found some time to do scam.

xidanlight's picture
5 pencils

Hi, ADS friends. We are the light XiDanLight Digital Visual Effect Art Co.,Ltd. The 3D wrok is completed in 2013 February, we did not reference other AD works, completely independent production.

Similar works is very normal, but the style is different. good works from the good idea, this good idea comes from BBH.

Welcome to visit our website:
We can create a great 3D work from your good idea~!


certaintly's picture
3994 pencils

we arent ragging on the art, just on the idea.
it's been done too many times before to be considered creative anymore

Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
406 pencils

I saw another ad like this on the bus the other day. You're right. The art is good but the idea isn't creative anymore.

Login.'s picture
73 pencils

Show me something new

skuakrat's picture
58 pencils

I like the craft done

I was thinking "Lkujhn hasf :OInblkisrt fvn ;OIuynbodf..." then *DING* Got it!!!!

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