Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Sandals: Tattoo, 3

Advertising Agency: W/Brasil, Brazil


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she's hot. the ad, not so much.

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andrej dwin
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what's wrong with the campaign?
it catches the eye and that's all that counts in fashion ads.

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what's wrong is there's no idea. just because it's fashion, that doesn't mean it shouldn't have a concept. diesel has done some good work in the past.

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I'm not sure if dead skin-like is so tasty and good looking as a original one. Sorry, but I always have the impression that tatoo-thing is some kind of mature poster-sticker-bandlogo obsession. Anyway - is Gisele everywhere now? Could be tiring saying honestly. Ah. About this ad... entertaining only for those present at shoot.

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Well anyway, this girl is a piece of art, she can sell anything..... Does that make this a good campaign? I'm not sure...

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gisele is in every ad these days, it seems

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it's the same brand, that's why.

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i am zero
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actually, the product is not even worth to show this much of skin.
i ll like to see such a poster but dont know will think about buyin the product or not.

thanks for great pic n sorry as an opinion.

pashya is zero

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Good execution... Will definitely get the eyes popping...

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i love w/brasil!!

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I don't think you guys get it.. the tattos on her are tipical brasilian stuff.. like local birds and plants. Besides There's an expression in portuguese, (something "a flor da pele" ) that means the person realy really show something . so brasil a flor da pele .. means that gilese is really brasilian , but he took the expression literaly. putting on her skin brasilian stuff .. Hoo and the sandals are brasilian like gilese.. Ok theres not a strong concept .. they say all this , just to say that the sandals are brasilian .. but the campaing is beatifull .. especially the film ( http://adsoftheworld.com/media/tv/ipanema_gisele_bundchen_sandals_tattoo )

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Wow, the commercial looks even better! I'm beginning to like it.

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BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD......it's no havaianas!

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