Ipanema FM: Your alternative, Hurricane

Advertising Agency: Agência AMA, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Director: Zeca Honorato
Art Director: Marcel Viero
Copywriter: Gustavo Araújo Santos
Photographers: ShutterStock, Rede Bandeirantes
Radio Director: Eron Dalmolin

August 2010


CuriousPencil's picture
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Simple enough on first sight. The campaign as a whole though doesn't seem to follow the same logic. Some of them (the brown sugar one) have 3 clearly Correct choices, and one Wrong. This one is the opposite (if a tornado's hiding as a hurricane). And some have two of each.

If the reader's supposed to tick 'the black sheep' choice, they should know what they're ticking and why. Sorry to overanalyse but if some of the options are so similar it's hardly an alternative.

Liking the simple idea, but the logic's all over the place.

LeeHarvey's picture
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Hmm. the campaign kept me busy for quite a while but I still haven't figured out what they are trying to tell me. And CuriousPencil made it even more confusing for me! Maybe it's another example of 'lost in translation', coming from Brazil...?

tzuik's picture
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I think the ads want to show the various things one can think of when listening to the mentioned song. It worked better with the rest of the prints, in this case however, the four alternatives are off by a long shot.

Guest's picture

i don't mind the find the black sheep idea now that i get it. it's just not immediately clear. maybe different copy would help.

TiltedChairCreative's picture
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Even considering the black sheep explanation, I still don't get it. And I think if I were poking through a magazine, I wouldn't hang around long enough to try and figure it out. But that's just me.

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