Intersnack, Curly Balls: Parachute

No luck at all? Have a curly ball.

Advertising Agency: Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett, Levallois, France
Creative Director: Paul Lê
Art Director: Catherine Renzetti
Copywriter: Grégory Tortes
Photographer: Romain Laurent
Account team: Muriel Despeysse, Amélie Loyen, Bertrand Grossin
Art Buyer: Audrey Herrmann
Published: November 2010


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Lovely art direction.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Hehe, yes I love this one. Art direction is great. Though I doubt this guy will have any time to taste a Curly Ball ;p

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well if he took a packet up there he could finish it in a few mins

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Hehe, this would make a great 'Centraal Beheer'ad, the great 'Just call us'campaign from Holland, like this one:

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nice one. not sure about the copy. it's not a question of luck, but of being too happy to think practically, i guess. anyone?

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cool idea

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In fact, The ad is even better. The title "Si t'a pas de bol y'a Curly Balls". In French, "bol" means luck or in common language, bowl. So if you don't have luck/bowl, there's Curly Balls (because it's in a bag, you don't need a bol). Great one.

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Nice execution on the image but I still fail to see the connection here.

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nice one

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J'adore, Direction artistique cool et phrase aussi, bravo.

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l'auto-promo ça marche toujours, sauf quand on en fait trop !!!!!

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Don't know why this snack is related to luck, but maybe that's in the history of the brand. But being Art Director can be so rewarding when you have a great photographer like Romain Laurent to work with. Also loving his new series 'TILT' (

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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The advertiser surely does not have the balls.
PS : I work in the agency.

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Sushi lover
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it makes me smile, but i cant find any connection about luck.
anyways, i still like it.

Dream needs to be big!

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Very cool, a bit dark humor.

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Great idea, very creative. However, the guy falling should be facing the other direction towards the bag of curly balls. Right now, I look at the man who is the focal point and my eyes want to move off the page to the left instead of to the right and towards the product.

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Anonymous Author
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Nice idea. Copy is ambiguous. Are curly balls lucky or are they for forgetting about your bad luck?

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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Nice Clean work .

Live with Passion

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curly balls. yummy

very generic campaign

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Really nice ! love it :)

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"At least if you're stupid, don't be hungry." would fit more imho.

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