Intersection Car Magazine: Lamborghini

Car enthusiasts will spot their favorite car anywhere. Using this insight, we came up with an execution that didn't talk to this audience. Instead we showed ads of feminine interest and the cars were well disguised in them. When the target audience spotted the cars, it affirmed that their Y chromosome was indeed healthy and they had no reason to worry about being drawn to these ads in the first place.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Shahir Zag
Art Directors: Shahir Zag
Copywriters: Shahir Zag
Illustrators: Dinesh Tharippa
Photographer: Dinesh Tharippa
Published: February 2010


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Interesting that they played up the insight and went against how you normally are accustom to seeing car ads. Good thinking, just don't know if its the best use of the real estate.

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bad astronaut
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it an ADD society...soooo

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So the subject of bonsai is of "feminine interest" only? Maybe in UAE.

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I like the idea to make the ad so like an article. Anw, bonsai is not a good choice, it's mainly the interest of elderly, not female.

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