Interpolis: Cast arm

How much healthcare do you really need?
Check it with our online tool at

Holland is the most over-insured country in Europe. Interpolis offers the solution: an online tool to check how much healthcare you really need.

Advertising Agency: FHV/BBDO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Martin Cornelissen, Mark Muller
Creatives: Daniël Samama, Tim de Waard, Peter Hamelinck.
Photographer: Bianca Pilet
Retouch: Jan Hibma
Retouch: Mont Blanc
Strategy: Corinne Genestay
Account: Anja Froeling, Jeroen Natrop
Client: Simone Huibers, Marije van Breugel
Published: December 2010


tirthomitro's picture
2764 pencils

this is cool!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

Cheerriiee's picture
952 pencils

she looks like sushi to me! or maybe im just hungry..
Interesting concept thou..

Janae's picture
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good job. i like it.

Sdb's picture
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Does a broken arm mean health care?, you should always take care so that nothing bad happens to your health, after something bad has happened, u can take care of the affected part, not the whole body.. Anyway, its good.

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