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What do AMI do?

I don't know and this ad isn't informing me.



It's only an ad.

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Well, AMI carries buckets of water down muddy roads between rows of tents. How can you not pick that up from this ad? ;-)

j/k. I agree with you that the message is lost.


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Don't comment, go get your bucket! ;)

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i think AMI is medical assistence internacional...
and even if you know that, this ad will make you want to help?
i doubt.

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Joseph Campbell
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I never imagined that someone could make the heartwarming, selfless act of helping out those in need, feel like taking out the garbage. This makes me want to avoid charitable work altogether.


I've decided I am ambivalent about croutons, but not about bacon bits.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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So now I have to wait in line to help people??? If they have a lot of people waiting to help, may be I will take my money to another public service institution...

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Don't just tell us what to do. Give us a compelling reason to "take a number" to help support a good cause. You've certainly stopped us. Now don't just leave us hanging wondering what exactly is you do and how we can contribute.
Good delivery. No follow-through. A dud.

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But, I like the supermarket-deli 'take a number' element.
That speaks to me.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Não sei, também não gostei muito. "Sua vez de ajudar" com uma senha e uma foto de um lugar feio. Me dá vontade de dizer "eu não, qualé, o que eu tenho a ver com a Chechênia?".

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