International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Cutting: Pleasure

3 million girls are circumcized every year, and over 130 million women have been subjected to genital cutting or mutilation. Even if France publicly condemns this practice, thousands of girls remain at risk on the french territory.

Advertising Agency: ©SUPER!, France
Creative Director: Vincent Bouvier
Art Directors / Copywriters: Margot Helfter
Illustrator: Margot Helfter
Published: February 2008


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I don´t think "pleasure" is the most effective word for this cause. I would go thru another way, like "self esteem" or something like that.

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"International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Cutting" is this a joke?

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I think it is.

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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I agree with muxa--it's less about losing pleasure than about being forced into a submissive role and mutilated for no reason at all. I think they missed the ball on this one.

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I'm ok with "pleasure", but even if I cut out those letters, it will still read "PLEASURE". Cutting the whole word might be less creative but more effective.

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It works for me, good job.

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nice gaijin
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"Genital cutting" sounds more docile than it really is; it's mutilation.

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I'm not sure how it's less about pleasure than about "being forced into a submission role" when being a women in many of the societies which practice genital mutilation counts as a submissive role in my book. The submission does not simply occur during the ceremony and many of these cultures also practice male circumcision (which does not leave a man unable to achieve orgasm). As for "self-esteem" since on a tribal level every other woman they know would have gone through the same ritual, where exactly is the loss of self esteem in participating in what is perceived as a normal ritual in that culture?

I do not think they are trying to change the submissive status of women the world over or tell people their cultural practices create low self esteem. I think they're trying to stop a practice which removes the clitoral area and can leave a woman unable to achieve pleasure from sex. Ergo, pleasure is a much better word, because that's what they're cutting away, the area that can experience pleasure. The area with the same nerves as the head of the penis.

I do agree that genital cutting sounds far more docile than genital mutilation.

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agree with muxa, gaijin, cullers

I think copywriter need to go out more...


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i agree. i don't think "pleasure" was the right term.

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Your local AD-Man
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they used the word pleasure because people practicing fgm dont want women to have any. if they have no clit, they are less likely to be promiscuous because they do not get sexual gratification, and therefore will be faithful to their husbands.

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It works for me. As for the choice of the word, "pleasure", it's perfect: actually the people who do this to little girls won't accept that the could get an orgasm, because as we all know, the devil is inside every woman and woman are not allowed to have pleasure. -_____-

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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