International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal: Halabja

Paul Phare's series of artworks, "A glimpse behind the mask of Dow" is a personal response to Dow Chemical's "human element" advertising campaign, on which Dow has spent $30 million. As those harmed by Dow's poisons are some of the poorest, most helpless people on the planet, they can't match this spend, but they have something more valuable than dollars. They have you. Please download these posters and spread them widely.

Agency: Jamrach & Sons, Brighton, UK
Creative: Paul Phare
Released: February 2007


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me thinks
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Note the fine print, it says, “ anti copyright, use freely, copy frequently, distribute widely, protect the world’s right to know” . Excellent.

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Note between the lines it says
"US Government wants power through global contracts at any cost,
but hey, we need a sexy name for this...
Let's give 'Democracy' a shot."

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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