International Bureau for Children Rights: Tourist Patrol

Keep your eyes on patrol.
Stay vigilant when you’re travelling and help stop the sexual exploitation of children.
Report it at

Advertising Agency: BCP, Montréal, Canada
Executive creative director: Étienne Bastien
Co-Creative Director: Jonathan Rouxel
Art Directors: Jonathan Rouxel, Yanick Senechal
Copywriter: Dominique Arsenault-Bulmer
Agency producer: Frederique Bissonnet
Photographer: Jean Malek

November 2011


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Very uncomfortable ad. Probably no way to confront this issue.

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I like it.

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Nope. Didn't work for me.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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I find nothing uncomfortable about this photo. That man could be her father or even uncle! haha

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agreed! the artwork alone doesn't say anything... I also didn't get that she was a child from her back, could've been a 20 year old.

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Thanks for your comment, but don't you think a sexual abuser can look like anybody ?

You are right, there is nothing overly unconfortable about the situation but I personally don't think it's a neccessity to be shocking.

Generally, it's rare that sexual predator abuse children in public. They tend to abuse behind close doors.

Since local police tend to close their eyes on thoses matters, we are trying to get tourists more alert and report any strange behavior to help resolve that matter. is a tool to receive and analyze tips from the public/tourist. That tip could lead to an arrest and the sexual abuser could be prosecuted in his country of origin.

Hope you'll help the cause if you witness any strange behavior.


Co-Creative Director and art director @BCP

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haha. stereotyping. tss

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A lazy visual that directly confronts the subject matter without challenging the emotions of the viewer. I feel nothing in regards to the 'couple' in focus. No revulsion for what should be a violation of human rights or a desire to put a stop to the exploitation of another human being.

He could be an adoptive father, a parent spending quality time with his daughter, an older man having a good time on the beach with a younger wife. They look comfortable and content. In fact, is there anything about the young girl in question that suggests that she wants your help at all?

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Nice but not so strong.

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Roger Keynes
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You're seeing it, but you're not seeing it.

(HINT: All the sunglasses.)

Yes, that could be a 20 year old girl. Yes, that could be her uncle.(really?) But yes, that could be child abuse.

This campaign isn't meant to create the shock & revulsion that you all seem to be expecting (interesting!).

Think about it. Some of you have said it. Child abusers are subtle. Cunning. Covert.

Jrouxel's campaign understands & shows this. It says remain vigilant. Stay aware. Child abuse could be happening in front of you.

NB: atb, you're excused because you're in HR. ;)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Maybe the reason you work freelance is because no agency (especially top agency) will want to hire. You are not welcome at my agency with that type of "strategic" "senior" thinking. In the future, do me a favor and refrain from mentioning me in your comments. Thanks.

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I think that the problem is not that the ad is not shocking. The problem is that the ad has no impact (which can be achieved not only by shocking). If the man with the kid are not there to cause any impact, because the child abusers are subtle, cunning, covert... then, why are they in the ad? What is the element that will make me remember it, apart from a cliche situation of child abuse?
An ad has to call the attention of the viewer. If there's nothing that makes me turn my head or at least remember it, then it doesn't stay in my mind. As simple as that. That's why I don't see it working.

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regardless to any relation with girl, i dont see any grace in this ad... nothing new to me.......

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I find nothing uncomfortable about this photo. That man could be her father or even uncle! haha

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