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The idea is that if you get your wife flowers, you can get away with anything.

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this series is targeted towards men? I feel really stupid trying to decipher the meaning. It may be a cultural barrier (the cliches, I mean). I get the speakers one and the stroller, but only because someone explained it. After the explanation I think they are very clever, but still maybe too clever for my taste.

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This is a campaign that is running for several years now in Denmark, so I think the target group will definitely get it. In the beginning the campaign was quite simple to understand so I think they can go a little further now. I like it.

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Son asks Mother: "Mum, why does a bride wear white on her wedding day"?
Mother: "Well dear, a white wedding dress symbolizes innocence, beauty and purity".

Not satisfied with the answer he goes to his father...

Son asks Father: "Dad, why does a brides wear white on her wedding day"?
Father: "Well you see son, all household appliances come in white".

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Good one, thanks Davosk!

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Not bad, some executions are better than others, the speakers, lawnmower and pool table are the best ones.

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this campaign really pisses me off!!!!!!!!

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