Insult here

If we don't educate, someone educates.

ANJ's Newspaper in Education Program takes the news into the classrooms with the support of 60 newspapers from all around Brazil.

Advertising Agency: F/Nazca S&S, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Eduardo Lima
Art Director: Joao Linneu
Copywriters: Eduardo Lima, Andre Kassu
Illustrator: Joao Linneu
Photographer: Archive

December 2007


Kateter's picture
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nice from a newspaper to give instructions on bad things to young students. if they didn't know how to make a hash-pipe, they can certailny learn it from this campaign.

concept is good, but to me execution is very doubtful: headline is bad (bad translation?), the position of a headline is so wrong that it really makes it hard to resolve the apparently shocking image, there is a 'twist' but too hidden.

daniel ieraci's picture
daniel ieraci
333 pencils

I'm sure I'd like the concept if that tagline actually made sense.

Rog's picture
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What he said.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Righteousone's picture
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"If we don't educate kids, someone else will."

like... duuuhhh

miko1aj's picture
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excellent layout. Amazing.

thirty6chambers's picture
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this definately should have been art directed to look like a standard science text book illustration. It seems like the art director/graphic designer just wanted to show off their "edgy" style or something.

arstewar's picture
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so pretty
i wish i better understood these
but they look cool and make me want to understand i suppose

absoluties's picture
504 pencils

Beautiful layout!
Great idea!

primo_susto's picture
440 pencils

love the design... very nice visual... i think the head line works too whit the visual :)

elmikel's picture
1147 pencils

too subtle and clever art direction for such a product. I like it though...

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