Instituto Reação: Fight, 2

Helping children in need to lead a better life. Even though it doesn't seem that way.
Instituto Reação. Judo and Jiu-jitsu classes for poor kids.

Advertising Agency: Contemporanea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Mauro Matos, José Guilherme Vereza
Art Director: Fabiano Pinel
Copywriter: Daniel Japa
Photographers: Aderi Costa, Studio do Cais
Published: May 2006


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Even though what doesn't seem that way? Lost in translation or just bad copy?

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andrej dwin
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lost in translation I bet.
it just reads exactly the same way like when I translate my own headlines into english :-)
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Because it looks violent. They are helping the kids improve themselves by giving them something positive to do even though it looks like they are just fighting.

Culture In Ads:

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dumb reader, i'd say. It's pretty obvious.

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Bad copy I'd say, but it's a good, honest idea. I like it.

We're going to need more lube.

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this is stupid, teach poor kids to fight and they will fight, give them education

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I don't think anything was lost in translation.

Good ad.

Martial Arts teaches respect, self-betterment, control etc. The beat-downs are for shock value.

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