Instituto Ambiental Reciclar (Environmental Recycling Institute): Lanterns

The elements in what you throw away could become something new. Recycle.

Advertising Agency: Age. comunicações, Brazil
Creative Director: Carlos Domingos
Creative Team: Andre Fukumoto, Charles Faria, Henrique Mattos, Daguito Rodrigues, Guilherme Camargos
Account Supervisor: Tatiana Golob
Media: Elza Britto
Illustrations: André Fukumoto e Marcos Albuquerque
Production: Luiz Nunes
Approved by: Marcos de Magalhães e Rosângela Cândida
Published: December 2009


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so beautiful and clever thoughts here


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LOL. Radioactive lanterns! :)

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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I majored in chemical engineering in university and i love ad.
this campaign make me think of a lot. 2 8;2 8 18.......really hard.
good campaign.

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an idea i have had fr some time ! wow! nice to see it executed and put to use well!

wen at school had a joke -

He Na K2O

which in a vernacular sounds/reads as "Hey, asshole let me in! "

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