Insomniac Pocong

June 2007
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The dead is covered in white clothes according to Muslim tradition. The cotton in the nose is part of the ritual.

Blandongan coffee. Qakes the body and soul.

Advertising Agency: Srengenge, Jogja, Indonesia
Creative Director: Yazied Syafaat
Art Directors: Aancool, Thurnasel
Copywriter: Abiargo
Photographer: Bayu Setiawan

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ema's picture

yes, it is very cultural ads...we need to explain it, as international ads this ads may not understandable. But this product is local product so if im not mistake thats why the ads agency made it with "local" taste. As a person who know blandongan very well i immediately understand this ads and laugh...
just for you to know (maybe not too important) ....this coffee very strong, great taste and the place we call it warung is very traditional....the price ? only 1500 IDR - 2000 IDR (1 USD = about 9500 IDR and a day without this coffee made me have a headache...its very addictive :p and nothing can compare with blandongan coffee, can call me that :D. can read about blandongan at
and i must say bravo srengenge....and congrats!!!