Inside out

May 2007

Image courtesy of D&AD

Built from the inside out.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Illustrators: Adelmo Barreira, Jose Cortizo Jr
Art Directors: Joao Linneu, Bruno Prosperi
Copywriters: Renato Simoes, Roberto Pereira
Photographer: Fernando Nalon
Typographer: Jose Roberto Bezerra
Account Handler: Fernao Cosi
Marketing Manager: Paulo Sergio Kakinoff

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cwiss's picture
Activity Score 74

saw this campaign at the D&AD nominations the other week. it's pretty simple stuff really. i've seen the kind of contour thing done before. it does the job i guess

philippertl's picture
Activity Score 656

not very appealing ...

erhanali's picture
Activity Score 368

Different and fresh.

"Everyday is one short life"

tjb1970's picture
Activity Score 492

this campaign bores me. the thought is really not all that original—'we start with the consumer in mind' is a pretty common strategy. i guees they are somewhat interesting visually, but after one i get it.

litio's picture
Activity Score 24

Que gran campaña, simple y relevante.

WeirdDog's picture
Activity Score 209

I like it.

Laurent's picture
Activity Score 289

ok. so this one for me is the black sheep. I feel this one doesn't portray much of the targeted market. the beetle being a trendy car should maybe show a young couple, especially since this hasen't been shown before. The others on the other hand are good. the concept on the whole is quite cool but then again, a small packshot of the car itself wouldn't do any harm to the ads.

MarceloG's picture
Activity Score 820

I guess that with a very simple and clever idea AlmapBBDO sold the idea that the car was built form the inside, thinking on the passengers needs. I really like the line and the art direction. Very clever. VW, simple as always.
In God I trust

Totto's picture
Activity Score 685

About that pope ad. One evil plot of a son of the devil 'Dan Brown' who came up with a lie that made ppl forget Gods word.
beause we never knew Gods word any way. Now the whole world beleives in a darn fictional LIE. well lsten... HEAVEN and earth nd EARTH may pass away but Gods word will never!! A glorious bright light always makes you close your eyes.

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