Inside out

Built from the inside out.

Image courtesy of D&AD

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Illustrators: Adelmo Barreira, Jose Cortizo Jr
Art Directors: Joao Linneu, Bruno Prosperi
Copywriters: Renato Simoes, Roberto Pereira
Photographer: Fernando Nalon
Typographer: Jose Roberto Bezerra
Account Handler: Fernao Cosi
Marketing Manager: Paulo Sergio Kakinoff

May, 2007


Mystique's picture
120 pencils

Nice line... but I bet anyone can think of a million of the same ad.
If you must, keep it to 3... if you absolutly need to make a campaign.
If not, go through the levels... expand the idea beyond the execution.

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mauricechike's picture
42 pencils

CRE8IVE: Very insightful.


ivan's picture

They covered all the different VW models ad their target. That's why they had to do 6 ads.

Chris's picture
1985 pencils

too many excecutions for an otherwise average campaign.

musback's picture
355 pencils

I agree!
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philippertl's picture
656 pencils

I'm not sure about this one

erhanali's picture
368 pencils

Different and fresh.

"Everyday is one short life"

guaba's picture
26 pencils

Sooo Serpa. I love it

What the Hell's picture
What the Hell
114 pencils

nice work. very fresh.

fractalrene's picture
1504 pencils

Good one, not a killer but certainly it communicates in an elegant well designed way. I've always like the work the work the work of AlmapBBDO.

TRICKY's picture
3954 pencils

that's what i call creative vomiting...once you pop dont ... stop

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

DNA's picture
22 pencils

Great idea and execution. Wish i did it. A metal candidate in the next award show.

mrtalented's picture
2171 pencils

built for 'little people'? the visual is quite tricky. but the line is nice.

Hand's picture
195 pencils

it's a good idea, but i'm no so sure about the execution
It only uses the "blend tool" in freehand?
and what's with the repeating gradients background?

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