Inrockuptibles: Warhol

Advertising Agency: DDB Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Directors: Hernán Jauregui, Pablo Battle
Creative Director: Felipe Vieyra
Art Directors: Pablo Fernandez Russo, Fernando Frontiñán
Copywriter: Beto Cocito
Illustrator: Gabriel Vañek
Producer: Wenceslao Tomada

May, 2009


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I'm not sure what Los Inrockuptibles are/is, or what this commentary on Elvis and Warhol's Flaming Star is about. Are they talking quantity of each, or is it framing the area to which each is pertinent? Like, Elvis's face = music, Elvis in cowboy getup = film? Does it have something to do with Los Inrockuptibles?

There might be a good thought in here that just requires some explanation to understand.

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I think it's a magazine. In that case I like these.

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I think you know this is a magazine and in that case you should have included the magazine in the ad :) In that case I do like this.

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Chapulin Colorado
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Me gusta.

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This is f___' great!!!

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it's an argentine magazine.

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Fantastico, excelente, brillante y por sobretodo muy gerarkiko.

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