Advertising Agency: Mc cann Paris, France
Creative Directors: Eric Holden, Remi Noel
Art Director: Philippe Puech
Copywriter: Olivier Simon
Agency Producer: Lionel Courtiaud
Production Company: Wanda Productions
Director: Jaci Judelson
Executive Producer: Jérome Denis
Sound: THE
Aired: June 2008

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I like the idea behind it, felt very passionate to me.

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u mean this ad or gay guys?

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*Rolls Eyes* Homophobe. Better get used to it, a new day is coming in this world.

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Im supose to love this?
It's true. I don't like gay people. That doesn't mean that im Homophobic. I didn't say "kill them" or "Eliminate them".
Just don't like the ad. its just my opinion.
Its still a free world.

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Well, I hate to break it to you, but saying things like, "It's true. I don't like gay people," qualifies you as a homophobe.

It's still a free world? Hardly, but your third grade response amuses me.

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Good insight, good work.

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the ad is great, but the gay thing is not that acceptable between all the people,
but still the concept and the execution is great...

nice work

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It would appear really easy to do ads that involve the LGBT community, truth is it's not and in that respect, this is a very well-made ad that doesn't show too much and won't omit the essentials.

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I felt the ad was well executed but it sends the wrong message.

There is no reason in this day and age to have unprotected sex— not until there are cures for AIDS and other STDs. The ad provides a false sense of security that a test can take the place of a condom.

For those quick to judge that my reasoning may be based on whether men can remain faithful in a relationship, that is not a factor in my opinion.

It is a simple fact that there is no cure for this horrible disease. Too many lives have been lost. Any advertising concept that lends a illusionary sense of safe sex is providing a gross disservice to the global community.

I feel the ad would actually gain strength if the couple continued to use condoms after receiving their test results.

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