INPES: Cocktail, 3

Advertising Agency: euro rscg c&o Paris, France
Creative Director: Samuel Kadz
Art Director: Gilles Fanuchi
Copywriters: Pascal Charvet, Camille Najem
Photographer: Jerome Bryon

June 2008


snolet's picture
104 pencils

Le "s" utilisé à la fin du mot "dose" est placé de manière aléatoire?

Pour le reste, c'est vraiment très bien.

john ler's picture
john ler
667 pencils

Probablement le rédac n'avait-il pas eu la sienne...

OMaxweller's picture
79 pencils

Sorry to be the barer of bad news but recipes have been done to death. However, I like the execution of the drinks themselves

teenquey's picture
290 pencils

I like the shot glass execution

Whip's picture
80 pencils

Execute them so the glass is the hero. These would be stronger if the copy and hero were living together instead of apart. They really need to be art directed out.

virtualplaydoh's picture
252 pencils

I like these simple and clean. Yes recipes have been done, but this is still an interesting take.

G.J.'s picture
149 pencils

If the single minded message is don't drink too much, then the visual ain't saying that, neither is the headline/bodycopy. the top part of the ad simply says one fucking 'weird' name drink could fuck u up. but the sign off, tells u: too much drink can be harmful. what's goin on man?

No matter wat u do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And the rest won't give a #@%#.

cocochiller's picture
146 pencils

yep, you have a typo.

Copy_ranter's picture
194 pencils

The elongation of response time??? How talks like that? Horrible copy. Amazing art direction.

dthlb72's picture
545 pencils

nice execution

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