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ok... try too hard? Typical student project. Graphics are interesting. Good? I'm not sure. What is the ad saying? Jean D'Arc was innocent... the fruits are the fire? A juicy story... The events surrounding her death were a juicy story. That's why the fruits are involved. But they're given a horrible role as being antagonistic in the ad series. I'm just getting out of this ads that the fruits will kill me. This is for a juicebar? Or for a juice drink. I don't want to drink it from these ads. At all. CRAPPY!!!!!!!

or... am I missing something? The Jesus one is just horrible. Bananas are the spikes... it's definitely not 1st level. But I don't think it's any level.

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were these made on "paint"? the illustrations are not so good. I agree with sachio, I get the idea that this drink will kill me. Is the idea that these people were innocent? is that the connection to the drink ?

sorry, but I don't get the idea here.

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Yes, Mario Paint for the NES. This has student work written all over.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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ricardo little
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I don't get it either. What's the point anyway?

Ricardo Little Barbosa

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i like the illustration.

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Innocent's USP totally missed.

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I like the illustrations, too. Keep working at making a quicker connection for the audience, though.

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Too forced and totally wrong for the Innocent USP

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