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I should find a picture of ur mother and do something with it - or someone important to you - punk!

No matter wat u do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And the rest won't give a #@%#.

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put budha, alah, moses, or jesus there it still doesn't make any F#@% sense.

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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These are all exercises in bad taste. And, interestingly, coming again from mostly Muslim scand(al)inavian country. Congratulations!

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I agree with creazy. This is not cool.

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I'm quite relieved to see that the Scandinavians are treating organised religion with the contempt it deserves. Good for them.

"What's that you say? If I follow the tenets of a book made up by someone a few hundred years ago, I'll be given extra milkshakes and cushions after I'm dead? Bargain."

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You are not very open minded. In fact you are quite intolerant. For you it doesn't appear to be a proposition of presenting opposing views and respecting people opinions and beliefs while choosing one over the other.

As far as advertising goes brands don't influence any demographic in a positive way that they offend. So if 2 billion christians world wide or 33% of the world population are not a demographic worthy of reaching then run crap like this. Instead of winning brand champions, you will have people who will tell 10 more people about how bad the experience was. It doesn't take an MBA to figure out the ROI on this kind of advertising.

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

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you know nothing. pathetic.

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It used to be protestant nation in old good days.

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Okay, aside from the fact that it's in bad taste, it's *pointless* bad taste. There's no message, not even shock value, since it's so poorly done.

And no doubt, this bunch of students will be award winners later in their careers. Isnt that advertising usually works out?

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I like the concept of "a juicy story". That could go really far.
I don't necessarily like the choice of juicy stories in these particular 3 adverts.
You should easily be able to come up with lots of well-known, juicy stories instead of these. Proably even ones that have a real meaning for the intended target audience...

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very bad illustrtion, very bad art direction, worst copy.
what this sale?

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john ler
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I hope for advertising's sake this school delivers at least 15 years programms...

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Nice going... now Jesus hates you... and he is embarassed of you... an dust.

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If I had to guess what this ad actually said, it would be that the fruit is killer. Probably as in a killer fruit smoothy - however I doubt you can sell lots of consumer goods by showing that your product kills people. Oh, it just doesn't kill anyone, but it also kills God - So you have no chance of surviving once you drink it, but don't worry just buy it.....

Bad, Really Bad.

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

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Bananas - juicy?

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I am offended by making a joke of Jesus, dying a very painful death, with nails (not bananas ), nailed thru His hands & feet. Why not do a poor illustration of mohammed and see what happens - I dare you!!

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Personally i am offended at such an execution, it lacks any kind of morals ethics and most importantly respect for one's beliefs...if you are trying to grab attention, i think you have...but it's not towards the execution it's towards yourself, obviously in a negative way...

As for my fellow friends that have commented on using Buddha, or Mohamed (PBU)....that's not right either...I am a muslim myself and the fact of mocking any kind of spiritual or religeous icon or belief is just improper...

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