Innocence In Danger: Where's the pedophile?, 3

Where is the pedophile?
You worry about losing your kids in a crowd, pedophiles count on it. Take the right steps to protect your children. Talk to them about the signs of a child predator. For more information visit

Art Director: Michael Arguello
Copywriter: Bassam Tariq
Additional credits: Jason Musante


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wheres willy

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alec eiffel
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where is the ad?

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1/ overused reference in advertising :
2/ How can you be so stupid to go on vacations in such a lame beach?

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Where does it say vacation?

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El recurs está molt vist, però el concepte de fons m'agrada.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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What isn't referenced in advertising? everything in art is referenced, but this is a great idea with a dreadful insight, making it a tight campaign

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very true.

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So where is he? Why would they not give the answer?

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He's the guy behind the "Where's the Pedophile" sign.

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creo que lo único que aporta esta publicidad es Paranoia. Creo que este tipo de mensajes no ayuda, la pedofilia es un hecho y este tipo de mensaje no encara una solución positiva.

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