Innocence In Danger: I like, 3

Do your children really know who likes their posts?

Advertising Agency: Herezie Paris, France
Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Copywriter: Jean-Laurent Py
Art Director: Sebastien Boutebel
Head of planning: Luc Wise
Print producer: Capucine Lhermitte
Photographer: Jonathan May
Retoucher: Janvier

April, 2012


Ramat Ajala's picture
Ramat Ajala
784 pencils

Doesn't work for me. Ok, i don't see tha face, and so? i see that is an adult.

Shawali's picture
8440 pencils

That's the whole point.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

penline's picture
58 pencils

your right shawali...and nice idea

karruza's picture
290 pencils

I think that doll on his hand should be appear just a little bit more noticeable, to let the audience know that he is "maybe" a pedophile

Wordfruit's picture
1023 pencils

I think these are good.

I think the amount of teddy bear visible is about right, so you don't see it on first glance, and so it's more of a shock when you do see it.

Maybe a little bit more visible -- I don't know -- but I think it's pretty much right.

adda's picture
35 pencils

Why ???

Isbaish's picture
22 pencils

I love it.

Fera Groove's picture
Fera Groove
205 pencils

So now we know you are one of the people in the credits. You should work harder. This campaign is not good at all.

kleenex's picture
40654 pencils

I say it works, but these are not great ads.

moteldemoka's picture
63 pencils

The f*** should my children know who likes their status? Since when is liking a status equivalent to fondling someone?

Also their account names should appear if they give a like so it could be as simple as going to their profile to know who that guy is.

Anonymous people commenting on adsoftheworld. Now that's the sort of threat you don't want near your children.

Milan Solanki's picture
Milan Solanki
990 pencils

ya serious WTF.. these ads don't make a point even if we consider fake accounts, and all three of them with almost same visual treatment, same line.. very very very disappointing

santicp's picture
2 pencils

Wow.. hard words... I think this campaign is more about awareness... I actually think is nice, straight to the point and as everyone know, people create profiles with invented names and stats... that is the problem, that could be where kids would be at risk if we don't pay attention...

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chuckieT's picture
680 pencils

I don't mind this campaign. Solid idea. Photography isn't stellar. And I don't think the teddy bears are really necessary.

alausa's picture
1418 pencils

Good campaign.

Pombooie's picture
407 pencils

Nice idea poorly executed.

shaun1800's picture
293 pencils

The issue I have with these is who cares who likes your status? I can see what they were trying to communicate in a round about way it doesn't quite work for me.

salil.sharma's picture
2424 pencils

nothing special
what concept behind it
can't get it

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Diffidently

Rudysan's picture
13 pencils

The ad is trying to tell people that posting too much information on a public forum may be harmful to them. Children are more at risk since they are more susceptible to being influenced by someone who may want to harm them. They may be more likely to add someone as a friend if the person likes their posts. Stalkers or kidnappers may be able to gain all the information that they need by studying someone's online profile.

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