Inlingua: Girl

Professional Accent Exterminators.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Sasha Hanke
Art Directors: Blanca Puig Barañac, Alix Leonie Moldenhauer
Copywriter: Rohan Vitus Fernandes
Illustrator: Blanca Puig Barañac


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"Professional Accent Exterminators".....???
Extermination of Professional Accent...?
Copy for a language training institute...?
Horrible and concept is also faaaaar fetched...................sorry.
Illustration; but doesn't seem like an advertisement in any possible way.

Joydeep Bardhan

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Hi! Bardhan,
Appreciate your professional review but here is the explanation-
inlingua are professionals in Accent extermination. It is a play on the more cliched used terms such as 'Professional termite exterminators', 'Professional pest exterminators' and so on, it doesn't mean Extermination of professional pests now, does it?. So we wanted it to be reminiscent of those cliched ads.
About the concept:
Just for the sake of explanation, The word 'Accent' it means two things; One- The tonal prominence that different native language speakers have when they speak another language; Two- The very 'Accent' marks that are parts of the glyphs in various language scripts--the smaller marking that guide the exact accentuation when speaking a language. So, we took these (referring to the second point) 'Accents' and made them like bugging insects. Because accents are like that, they stick and don't leave you easily. And InLingua is a school that doesn't necessarily teach language like other schools, they do that too, but here we focus on the more niché faculties that they have i.e making your foreign speech neutral sounding, and fine tuning it for business communication purposes.
About the illustration-
We wanted a school like feeling to it, and hence the notebook pages like background, and the childish crayon like drawings. We did this to make it more approachable and less dry.
And don't you think the characters are funny and cute!
I hope I answered all your queries.

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Shrinivas D
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I liked this explanation...

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Yup, I find the illustration nice and cute and you explained it properly. I like the concept.
See my point is, you wont move with the ad to explain everything. The ad is not telling what you just explained.
A sub copy maybe I guess, or something else is needed to convey the idea fully.
Otherwise it is just an illustration or a painting maybe/ not selling anything but art/ not a good advertisement.
We are in an advertisement forum, aren't we? I could appreciate the use of the space, colour balance or placement and the overall concept but that's not the sole idea or intent we work for.
You have a good concept in this and this very ad is not doing justice to it.

Joydeep Bardhan

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I fully agreed with you.

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NY Belfry
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like the illustration but what is the idea?

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Yup, always room for improvement. Thanks for all your opinions guys. Appreciate it! :)

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your mom
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this is not good son. i had to read the entire explanation to get this. you have a very long story to say something that is very simple.

Don't argue with your mom!

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hey mum, it's me! what do you think about this one.


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I like the idea a lot. However, the concept looks underdeveloped to me.. In my opinion it's missing something that reinforces that the bugs represent the accent.

Like this: Speech bubbles with short sentences in them (max. 3 words) and letter shaped bugs above the text, 'correcting' it..
-> (Example german accent "thanks" -> "Fanks", 'F' being a bug)

Well, have fun in ad school and keep it up. :)
(Can't wait to get there myself.)


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may be people are not making the connect of those little things being, One- bugs; and Two- accent marks. I get your suggestion as well, in fact we thought of it in that way too, but then we figured that that way would probably be more difficult to get. But thanks for taking time to review it Brian. :)

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When you need to explain the idea of the ad then it's not a great ad..
anyway I like the illustration very much.

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thanks for all the opinions guys :)

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Sorry if this has been mentioned but for me, the problem is that I don't relate accents to bug sounds.

If people do I guess this succeeds.

So while it's creative to take a separate context for language, I don't think the two align. Keep going though. Good art direction.

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Thanks andylefty. But it was more about the bug and their act of bugging your, not so much about the sound. The sound could be one of the aspects though.

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Other commenters have made points I would've made, but I'd just like to commend you, rrsquare, on your willingness to take feedback gracefully and patiently. Hope you never lose that in what is sure to be a fantastic career.

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Thanks a lot sacrilegend, yes i try to distance myself from my own work, so that I can have an unbaised view of my own projects. Thanks for the motivation :D
BTW this is a new one that i uploaded-
may be you could give me your feedback on it too :)


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