ING-DiBa: Shadowprint

DiBaDu is, when your bank provides transparency.

In times where the global confidence in financial markets has been impaired, the ING-DiBa brings transparency an clarity in the banking business for their clients. To show that in an unseen way, we printed a semi-transparent ad over the confusing financial pages of big german newspapers.

Advertising Agency: Freunde des Hauses, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Jan Blumentritt, Berend Brüdgam
Art Director: Christoph Hintz
Copywriter: Peter Regnery
Additional credits: Michelle Gaida
Published: September 2010


im@ddicted's picture
8 pencils

yes. it works.

Sophia Lambadaridis's picture
Sophia Lambadaridis
64 pencils

Simple idea. Great positioning.

cracker66's picture
163 pencils

You don't explain transparency simply by printing half transparent over sth. Makes therefore no sense at all.

luispiter's picture
2756 pencils

i dont now... its bad

Paridhi.'s picture
122 pencils

concept is not that gud presentation..!!

beingofageoldgrace's picture
342 pencils

heavy inspired by:

CuriousPencil's picture
4227 pencils

By 'heavily inspired' do you mean 'stolen directly'? That link is the mother, this is the b*stard son ripoff.

jackblack's picture
2328 pencils

Simple. But kinda lame.

shah wali jan's picture
shah wali jan
257 pencils

concept is nice

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