INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Shave

Smoking is the stupidest way to commit suicide. Quit Stupidity.

Advertising Agency: Pragma DDB, Lima, Peru
Creative Directors: Alvaro Naddeo
Art Director: Alvaro Naddeo
Copywriters: Alvaro Naddeo, Luben Petkoff
Illustrator: Alberto Naddeo
Photographer: Marcelo Naddeo


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The best of the lot.

I really like the illustrations and art direction, and the message is effective. Good job.

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i also like the illustrations and art direction, plus this reminds me of 'bunny suicides'. other than that, i have to thumbs down the concept. as a smoker, all i'm hearing is don't smoke. these don't successfully penetrate my psyche and illuminate a new perspective on the problem, or provide enough support to attempt to quit. it just feels like it came from non-smokers, like most anti-smoking work. also, the methods of suicide aren't stupid to me -- suicide is stupid of course -- but going out in one of those ways would probably be remembered.

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go with you...

I LOVE the idea to show smoke as paper an than something happing in this.
But i think, the concept wouldn work.
This ad is funny. My first thought: what a "cool" way to suicide. :-)))

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Visually it is interesting, that changes campaign which we can see !!

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Perfect....a different creative way to do a "no smoking ad". Just great, illustrations, art work & copy.> One question: why a "funny" hand ?

Simple ideas are the best !

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El concepto es tan interesante como la gráfica. Que buen trabajo.


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Good concept. The visuals are funny but at the same time creepy and thought provoking. Not so sure about the mixing of hand-drawn, paper cutout and claymation media. Might come across as over produced. But still effective nonetheless.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Renan Correa
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Almost that, they should trying to get more of that...



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