Industrial Strange: Responsible clubbing

You can't overdose on music. Real clubbers don't need other drugs.
IndustrialStrange for a responsible clubbing.

Advertising Agency: O\M\A, Innsbruck, Austria
Photographer: Andrea Camandona / TheKitchenProductions

December 2013


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A good message, I personally like it.
But how it is connected with the brand? There is an indirect connection which I sense. If that's the idea, it's not working; ad-wise.

Joydeep Bardhan

TSC's picture
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It's a clubwear brand >

NY Belfry's picture
NY Belfry
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Still, the first I saw this ad, I thought about music associated for a club or a DJ service. Nowhere I thought clothes until I saw the tagline. While the concept is witty, it sends the wrong message.

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I agree. It connects music and drugs and has nothing to do with clothes.
Unless this brand has become a symbol of non-drug-partying this is not so good.

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I get the idea, but the visual metaphor is sending the opposite message: music IS a hard drug.

Anyway, not very relevant to the brand and the soundwave gimmick is starting to get a bit old.

TSC's picture
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I see this message:
Music is the only drug you need to dance. = real clubbers don't need other drugs. = no drug message.
It seems very clear, maybe too much.

It seem also very clear that this ad is a corporate social responsibility campaign, ( also looking at the other subjects )
and the role of a CSR campaign is not to be relevant for selling stuff but to give a role to the brand and to brace the positioning.

Maybe, it's true that you have to know the brand to understand it.
If you know the brand and the positioning, everything become more clear.

There's nothing strange if a clubwear brand talks about good values in the clubbing scene
as such as a sportwear brand talks about good values in the sports competitions.

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I agree. I like the idea and execution, but I don't think it's relevant to the product, which is clothing. If it were targeted towards something pertaining to music, it would be perfect.

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