INDT: Skater

Anyone can give the miracle of life. Just be an organ donor. National Donation and Transplant Institute.


Advertising Agency: La diez, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Pablo Alvarez
Art Directors: Pablo Alvarez
Copywriters: Pablo Alvarez, Samuel Liberman, German Kropman
Productor: Javier Venerio, Rosana Navone

February 2010


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430 pencils

haha, this is a strange set of ads!

royschellekens's picture
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The visual is disturbing. It doesn't fit the product! In this case the miracle of life is giving life to a grown up.
Kind of like this Playstation ad:

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

Quinner's picture
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Juxtaposition is at the heart of creative advertising. There is the good, thought-provoking type of juxtaposition and then there is the other sort. The type that doesn't make any sense. The type of juxtaposition that is just plain wrong. This campaign belongs to the latter

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Marlus Lau
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The photography is quite good, but the idea is lame.

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"...were you around?"


Joe123's picture
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Cool execution. I haven't seen such an original ad for organ donation for a long time. Congrats!

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good execution

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Sven Gali
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Just disturbing.

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