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Has illustration become the modern way of advertising?

Anyway I like these. But I prefer photography stuff to illustrations.

kre8's picture
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what a ridiculous attitude.

it works for certain ideas, doesnt work for other.

its all about the idea, not the execution

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What sort of crap is this?

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your limited knowledge about india makes u ask that question.. dude us.. pink floyd is not
the only thing in the world.. this is a great humorous ad.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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I don't see the idea here ? Very nice art direction... but what for?

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C'mon, it's crystal clear.
This a dating service for Smurfs.

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correction, this is a dating service for Indian Smurfs.

this is a fun illustration that mimicks some cool traditional indian style art.

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yes indeed.. but its got nothin to do with smurfs.. but Krishna..

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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we are just having a laugh. no disrespect to lord krishna.

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Very nice art direction? Looks merely like a rough layout for presentation purposes only.

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gud idea...tht deserved a better kopieee.

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Have Heart
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Wow, this is truly horrible! Bad, bad, bad...

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I like the creative concept. Art direction could be a little different, though. It might work just fine. Mustn't forget this is an indian campaign. And it's kind of appealing.

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this is bad.

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I hope this comment will shed a little light on the context of this.

The illustrations are actually traditional style of paintings called miniature artform. These paintings usually depicted various scenes from the life of Lord Krishna, known for his many wives and girl-friends. Hence the guy is in Blue, cuz Krishna is always represented in blue color.

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No guys, you should understand one thing first.
The guy posing is actually a hindu diety called "Krishna". Usually seen with so many women around him all the time attracted because of his music skills and other magical talents.

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In India it wont be allowed. It actually mocks Lord Krishna. This is totally Scam. (though i don't see it as a great idea)

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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vikram reddy
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The idea is spot on. Kangra miniatures add
to the appeal. Apart from the Sangh parivar
and others with their heads in the sand, I
feel the team should be congratulated.
Out of the box and absolutely relevant.
Keep the flag flying guys.

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this one is the creepiest of the bunch...to me it looks like krishna is taking a pic with his phone of the topless chic who's about to make out with that sheep or whatever that thing is supposed to be...ew

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bloody awesome, great great great!

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