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Mtl Dave
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Cool... I'm not sure everyone will understand it right away.

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It took me at least 20 seconds.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Would it be better if all the colors besides red were filled in already? Because the belt is black. What does blood have to do with black?

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You're right. Same with Santa's flesh tones. Nevertheless, this idea has been done many times over. No point tweaking it. It's just like polishing turd.

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took me a minute, too... i think it's mad cute, though... even though the illustrations could be a wee bit more professional (like how santa's boots criss-cross one another and his belt doesn't quite match up with his jacket and stuff)... not breathtaking or really well done, but cute...

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Okay. Blood is red. I'm pretty sure I already knew that.

Sorry, this campaign needs an 'infusion' of concept.

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Maybe only part of it should be filled in to show that it is running low.

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Not having the colour 'red' in something isn't an idea. There are some great campaigns on this site, but many are below junior level.

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This idea's already been done... as print and ambient. come on guys we can do better than this. this is one area where recycling is bad.

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regardless of the concept that illustration is terrible, i can't believe they couldn't perfect a vector line drawing

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Seen one where the visual is a half painted Red Cross Logo in One Show.

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Bad recycled ad!

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I have seen my friend's in LOWE Dubai doing something similar to this but it was the green color talking abut saving the nature.

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oh cool! thts insight!

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zulu, take rest

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Hey Guest

If people submit their work looking for opinions they should expect to hear opinions. Including negative opinions.

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Ah.....running out of red.... used and abused. Nope...nada...no.
Traffic signal..red pen....the cross itself...color tube...words written using red ink...

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MADE in the USA
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I get the point completely. I have appreciation for any ad that speaks without copy and does it without hyperbole or stuffy artfulness
Fine work.

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Seen it done in Panama, and better. Specifically this one (the Santa one).

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This campaign really really makes me wanna donate my blood!
Just kidding! Sorry. Try again next time.

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Okay so I'll give you my blood so you can paint Santa Claus?


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pathetic. isn't it?

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