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mohnish bisht

every great ad has a bit of everything , gud copy, gud visual and gud idea... :)

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good copy good idea, bad visual i'd say...

| Everartz |

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i agree. great line, nice idea, but i thought the visual was better before i started recognizing faces. for me, the small faces should be more generic or it should be a new execution entirely.

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Bad visual. seems too much in a hurry to get the artwork done.

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Crisp One
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the execution could have been waaaaaaaay better, this just looks lazy

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Didn't you notice?? Its done by their Driver!!


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Luiza Lucky
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Guest commenter


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Guest commenter

It's great.

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Guest commenter

Not bill gates... come on guys!!!

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I am not sure about these. What happened to each to their own. You are a great leader because of you, not because you have a bit of everyone else.

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Guest commenter

i like the copy

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but is it a gold?

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There's an idea in there but the execution is painful. I also will buck the trend and say I don't like the copy.

- Commenting in all caps with poor spelling and grammar is so done before -

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Sean Kladek

Agreed on the copy. Its too clumsy for my taste.

I like the idea, but the copy needs some tweaking.

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Guest commenter

the copy should say, a good follower. visual done better for smirnoff, way back. Leaders pioneer, not follow old ways and take back handers, like most of them do thesedays. Just seen Zeitgeist. Feeling cynical. But no, im not swayed on these. I dont feel like im looking at a powerful leader in terms of the Art Direction looking like a shit wannabe 70's wallpaper. make them feel powerful in stature, and you have the audience. BTW, i am the audience.

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Who's the guy who looks like Lemmy?

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