Inalfa: Doggy

Give your family a better view.
Inalfa Car Sunroofs

Advertising Agency: JWT Shanghai, China
Executive Creative Director: Yang Yeo
Creative Directors: Elvis Chau, Raymond Chin, Rojana Chuasakul
Art Director: Rojana Chuasakul
Copywriters: Ada Hu, Raymond Chin
Photographer: Studio de Nagara, Bangkok

September, 2010


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i love the idea.

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its just silly

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don't get it... sory

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this one is not necessary. So weak compared to the last one

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this one better than the drunk guy...funny idea

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Sex supposed to be obscene?or disgust?

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Anonymous Author
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Funny picture, but don't they mean a convertible? What mad family sticks their heads out a sunroof?

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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Everyone seems to be missing the point with these ads (as they do with most things on this site...)

If you have a sun roof, the family will be so busy looking out of it that they won't see the dogs humping/fat old bird/drunk bloke... If you look closely, the mosaic that is hiding the "rude" bits is made up of views from the sun roof!

You people just seem to type before you think about things... it makes you all look a bit thick! ;o)

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Anonymous Author
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It is important one knows what they know. Why it is important is unclear at this point, but will reveal itself.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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forced to the max.

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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m'encanta la idea, potser el de la parada del bus és la millor de les tres gràfiques. Aquesta estaria en segon lloc.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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I love them!

The insight is so real, the images are really funny and the copy wraps the whole idea nicely.

Well done JWT Shanghai!

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