Impuls Shoes and Clothing: Any Road is a Runway, Highway

Any Road is a Runway

Advertising Agency: La Sociedad, Monterrey, México
Creative Directors: Pablo Leva, Humberto Garza
Art Directors: Roberto Magdiel, Veronica Verona
Copywriter: Mauricio Alanís
Illustrator: D10 Studio
Published: June 2011


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Totally lost on this one. The other 2, I was sure were talking 'runway' as 'catwalk' and saying a bridge was a road was a runway-catwalk. But this?

Kids, if you don't understand something, PLEASE ask an adult.

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a runway is a synonym for catwalk, i think that's exactly what it means

Michaelsmagic's picture
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the runway is always interruption?

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cool art, but I don´t get it :S

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