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what the hell is happening here?

... its already been done...

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whats happened to IVAN..posting ads like this....not impressed.

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Fk Mikenj
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i saw a CRT tube, but idea?

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Ha..ha..ha.. Nice idea!

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Um.. i just googled for Imax and its movie theatre using the biggest screen on the world. But that didn't help me.. exept the idea is "no one cares how big your head is" which would be a real puzzle and real bad campaign cause you can't really get it. if the idea is different: you 2% of posters who seem to have understood it, please share your wisdom!

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Did you never sat behind a big guy with a humongous Afro in a "normal" cinema? Think that's the idea - maybe.

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exactly: MAYBE

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i think the idea is good, execution is terrible.
the afro could have been alot more exagerated i think and i dont like the white background

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I think the idea is that the lights are coming from the top instead of the front. Isn't it? I'm not quite sure, but there is something about the shadows that makes me believe the idea is there. I can't believe it's just someone with big hair in front of you...not again....well, it's very hard to see anyway

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I wouldn't have understood the ad had I seen just one. And unclear advertising isn't advertising. It's noise. Sorry. Don't mean to sound harsh. But a simple line would have helped immensely.

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I Think this idea is a lot of crap..if only "super inteligent advertiser brains" get it and kids (the target) don't it doesn't work.

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totally don't get this campaign.

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Lamentable, muy lamentable

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Que no me pueda haber cogido a tu hermana?

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De suponerse

ya salio el ardido que no aguanta que critiquen su campaña.
para que la subes entonces? ponte a chambear mejor.

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en bandeja

No puedo chambear, ahora estoy ocupado cogiéndome a tu hermana.

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fucken clowns in cinema!
fucken clowns anyway.

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