illy: Capsule

The entire espresso world in an illy capsule
To discover the espresso world you need the one and only, outstanding quality blend of illy. Deriving from 9 varieties of 100% authentic Arabica coffee, this blend remains unchanged in more than 140 countries worldwide. You need a barista for the perfect interaction of coffee and water, at the precise time and temperature. Pre-infusion, a pause and finally brewing of the ultimate, velvety espresso with its characteristic lasting cream... Or you simply need an illy Iperespresso capsule, which encloses everything inside of it.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\ATHENS, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Panagiotis Tzempelikos
Art Director: Popi Vagianou
Copywriter: Valia Papadimitraki
Photographer: Tasos Vrettos
Director of Account Management: Panagiotis Daris
Account Director: Kim Stamiris
Print Production Manager: Tasos Petrakopoulos

February 2011


DBB's picture
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Looks more like a minisite than a print :\

AdBuzzer's picture
1168 pencils

I had the same feeling - the artwork would make a perfect home page for a minisite of Illy

agwbl's picture
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My espresso tastes a bit like d-bag.

dadada's picture
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nice! clear benefit

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

George Levitikos's picture
George Levitikos
19 pencils

Nice Simple Clear!

everartz's picture
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nice art, but the reflections are not correct especially on the cup which is on the right side.

| Everartz |

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TommyO's picture
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Dislike. Very first-circle.

desailly's picture
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THe principle is fine. But because you need to blow up the cutaway shot on the right so much to get the detail in, it's not as neat a connection as it could be between the cafe bar and the capsule.

Also, I'll never understand why you'd give a copy job in English to a writer for whom English is clearly not their first language. It's not bad, it's jsut not very slick.

Lazarus's picture
1536 pencils

Like the thought. The execution could have been better.

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