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Make mine, pizza with thin crust, please.

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nice art direction

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who cares about art-direction when idea is a question)?

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its not even a nice art direction.. the ad looks like brought from a 70's magazine!!

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70s magazine? Are you serious? I think you need to check out some books at the local library on design if you think this is from the 70s.

Like the AD, but be honest, this style has been way overused in the past few years. Wish the lines were better. On the verge of being good.

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I'd like these more if the direction hadn't been done to death lately.

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I keep hearing this "nice art direction" praise too often, and most of the time it's against the respect for the idea in itself. Too bad.

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epica winner... omg

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i guess that people from illinois, when they saw they had no actual touristic appeal, decided to capitalize on their capacity to laugh at themselves. too bad it didn't work, nice try though.

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Sorry, but I actually like these ads...
The capacity of laughing at oneself is a great thing (Brazil often uses it in their advertising, and Argentina too).
I don't know if it's an award winning campaign (maybe not), but certainly it makes some people smile.
Just my opinion.

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i agree with you, being able to laugh at one self is a great quality, but i don't think this campaign would actually make me choose illinois as a destiny for my next vacation.
they are a nice try, no question about it, but i think they fail at their purpose, don't you? or maybe i'm just not the target for these. just my opinion :)

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this campaign is silver in london festival.
which doesn't mean anything but i wanted to say it.
rocketman, i respect your opinion and thanks for explaining it in a nice way. :)

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the london festival comment is true, it's not a joke, by the way.

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These ads are dumb. The judges must have been stoned. My feeling.

~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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awesome art

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