Il Samaritano: Witch

What is really terrifying is to know that someone is afraid of a child.
In Congo children are accused and tortured because they are thought to be witches.
Help us to help them.

Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Art Director: Edwin Herrera
Copywriter: Marina D'Andrea, Carlo Pinzi
Photographer: Achim Lippoth
Post Production: Germano Finco


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So so

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im afraid italy is about to destroy the basics of advertising.. help us to help them.. OR QUIT!

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This campaign is really not bad. What's so bad about it? We have images that are an ironic commentary on the reality in Congo. In the Western World children dress for Halloween and have fun; no one accuses them of witchcraft. In Congo, on the other hand, superstitions breed insanity and children are forced into exorcisms. Copy could be improved, I think. Perhaps "In Congo, children, accused of witchcraft, are tortured and forced into exorcisms. Help us stop that" or just "In Congo, children are victims of superstitions. Help us stop the abuse and torture of children accused of witchcraft".

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the catholic church does exorcisms as well ... so why not make more images, with: "in italy" and more religions ...

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The message wont be so clear without the copy, cause the pictures doesnt really show what it means. But this one in my opinion is better than the dracula one, this girl's expression shows sweet yet dangerous at the same time :D

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I just wish this weren't the dreaded case of see & say. It's always too easy to go this route, a cop out really.

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This is really a case of the dreaded see & say. Too easy a route to take, a cop out really. NIce art direction on the photos.

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