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These are hard times for the press.
According to Reporter Sans Frontières, Italy ranks 49th in the world for freedom of the press. Help us remain a free voice. Subscribe to il manifesto.

Advertising Agency: TheName, Rome, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Anuncibay
Creative Directors: Alessandro Izzillo, Daniele Dionisi
Art Director: Alessandro Izzillo
Copywriter: Daniele Dionisi
Account Director: Luca Micheletta
Photographer: Andrea Melcangi

March 2010


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unlucky for this ad, the French one owns the subject. weak.

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Well, I like it. Good work.
What's it to it some french has done a campaign on the same subject but with different execution before?
Fiat shouldn't be allowed to promote their cars because Peugeot has already done so?

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I've seen two campaigns from two different countries within 5 minutes, that's a good function of this site imo, you can compare two different ideas on the same subject. "Free Press" in this case. Nothing i say is about being allowed or not, i find this one very weak compared to the other. Plus, in an obstacle race a skilled runner jumps over all the obstacles, so i don't think this represents -in a satisfying manner- the restrictions that journalists face.

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I think you are taking this too literally. Hence, you are making the argument that skilled runners jump OVER all those "obstacles" which means they overcome them, so journalists should too. Just think of this as a metaphor for an obstacle or restriction in general. Don't overanalyze it. I agree French campaign is more original.

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i will overcome my tendency to overanalyze and taking metaphors too literally in time hopefully.

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karan raghav
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good idea...

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Excellent work.

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This metaphor suits more for "a race of the writing skills" other than the "obstacles for the press" isn't it?

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thats ok... no wow.. but interesting

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with 49th position, Its clear that press is full of obstacles in italy. how subscribing to il manifesto will help freedom of press, that link is missing. nice art work though.


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This is cool!


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i like it!
good job dan&alex!

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Finally, something new.
Excellent work!

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Molto bello e molto vero. Vale anche per la bella pubblicità, che in Italia ha sempre infiniti ostacoli. Bravi Dan e Izz, all'ADCI questo meritava un premio.

This is beautiful and true. It's the same for good avertising, full of obstacles in Italy.

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Nice work.

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Manish Sharma
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I like the idea.

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