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Nice. Simple and straight to the point. Maybe they could have panned out a little so this guy's crotch isn't in my face, but hey!

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flush daniel toilet
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Flush it

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Some guy's junk, brought to you by IKEA


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not bad for student work. they executed the strategy well. it only takes an allen wrench to put it together. but i don't care for the strategy. it reminds me of how much of a pain in the ass it is to put their furniture together. even if it is with one tool.

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exactly what i thought. it just reminded how much you come to hate one simple tool in the period of putting together a simple shelf unit named lorksa.

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Ikea....50 cents for a sausage.

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Solid student work.

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Cool idea. The art direction is too basic, it needs more work, but this ad is worth it. Well done!

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ok for stufent work. agree with all the opinions up there, specially with spanky... be careful not to remind the consumer about what´s may be "negative" to them...

i´ve suffered also with this damn little tool, sounds easy but many times you need 2 people to put the nasty thing together!! It´s really horrible.

But again, the ad is a nice one for being student´s work. keep up!

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super calibara
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thony troll
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It's not that horrible, trolly nice.

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Nice idea. Message directly givent to the customer.

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