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Hard to notice, but superb idea. As usually from JVM

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It's really hard.
I didn't get it.

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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joanna macaque
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Obviously you need talent.

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I agree with Mr. Castanhodo. No way any consumer is going to spend 2 minutes staring at this thing, trying to figure it out. Especially in print. See ya...I'm turing the page.

And even when they do...who cares? It doesn't say enough about IKEA, especially considering some of the other work that has been done for the brand.

Feels like the creatives on this one were sitting around jerking each other off.

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WOW, really hard to get it at first, but once you get one, its easy with the others.

Nice work.

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I agree with comments on being too hard to get. but the concept is just superb. well done!

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joanna gorilla
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Obviously you need some doses of talent.

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dear miss Gorilla, you obviously need to jump up a few evolution stages to get to level required on this forum.

you zasmrajeno and polizano pasje debelo črevo.

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Well, I was able to get it at the first glance though I'm not sure if it's clear for average audience...on the other hand this visual is so minimalistic that it really asks for a deeper thought and I'm pretty sure the TA will seek for it...

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Have Heart
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By far to hard to get. I only figured it out by reading the title - and even then the concept is amazingly boring.

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Suppose the heading was not given to this page. How many would have got it ? Evolved or not.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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I think JVM has became a house map specialist.

Please take a look at Lonely Planet ads done by JVM.

(also using house map)

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