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50 pencils

Nice idea. Even if this looks like a print campaign. It would work much better as an ambient.

Syd's picture
74 pencils

Boring and ugly.

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The JAD.
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Isn't that the whole point? Boring and ugly outside, beautiful inside?

These work for me.

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Killer Kowalski
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the pictures are boring. to me its a first thought idea. and if the beauty within comes from IKEA - why do they have the most ugly curtains (in the other motives)?!

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I like these a lot.

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Ikea, I love you!!!!

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drunk dave
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Nice one. Love the simplicity of it all.

Eightball's picture
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My first thought was, that these houses don't have any doors to step outside - because the beauty lies within.

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Have Heart
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The ugly curtains totally kill the idea. Not cool at all.

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yes it looks boring - that was the intention!
well done guys, i think its a good idea!

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Still...where's the product benefit beside implication? Needs to be pushed. Don't get me wrong, they're clever. They just could've been more.

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reminds me of a campaign for an interior design school that showed the ugly outsides of office buildings.

Singaporean i think

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So let the audience's imagination does all the work huh? Very sneaky. I like it.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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