IKEA Assembly Service: Chair

Advertising Agency: DDB Tribal, Hamburg, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Schoeffler
Executive Creative Directors: Christoph Hildebrand, Sven Klohk
Creative Director: Djik Ouchiian
Copywriter: Jakob Eckstein
Art Director: Judith Müller
Illustrator: Thomas Bögle
Account Supervisors: Sönke Bruns, Marco Safavi-Hir
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Florian Thalheimer


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Interesting the client approved (if they have) the demonstration of the IKEA concept's biggest drawback.

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ok, this works. good
nothing amazing though

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Nice idea.

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What are they trying to say? Optical illusions?

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Jaap Grolleman
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Visually great but it's slapping your own product as hard to assemble.

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wat does it say?

Lingaraja Sivanaiah

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Psycho Pirate
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I think it's more of Ikea having confidence to admit to consumers that sometimes, assembly isn't as easy as they would like it to be. Which is why they offer assembly service. Snarky creatives, don't be snarky without trying to understand the brief.

That said, this particular part of the campaign highlights a product that comes ready-assembled. So, unlike the first two, this is a lie. Looks nice though.

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