Spending cuts

March 2011

On Monday 28th March, this new IG Index campaign will launch across the London Underground network as cross-track 48$ posters at specific stations throughout the heart of the city commute. It will also appear in broadsheet media The Times and The Telegraph, daily free sheets like Metro and Evening Standard and it will also run in financial press including the FT and City AM. The executions take the form of ‘event maps’, and are a graphical representation of the major chains of cause and effect that dominates the financial news today: 1. The Government’s spending cuts – a detailed illustration also showcases the financial spread betting opportunities along this chain which you can take advantage of with IG Index. 2. The Price of Gold – in these turbulent times, investors flee to the safe haven of gold – this map shows the political and industrial impacts on gold prices. 3. The BP Oil spill and subsequent price of oil – following the aftermath of the spill, there we a huge amount of knock-on effects to company shares and the oil price in general. For those experienced in financial spread betting, it’s an engrossingly intricate summary of all the twists and turns of the financial markets. For those less experienced, it provides an intriguing, educational tool which builds awareness of the category and displays areas of opportunities within the real world on the financial markets. The ads will run on the London Underground network for the next month, and will continue to evolve in press throughout the year. These three are the first in a series of event mapping executions to promote IG Index.

Advertising Agency: DDB, UK
Creative Directors: Howard Willmott
Designer: Pete Mould
Copywriter: Andy McAnaney
Art Director: Christian

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Hmmm sorry i don´t know, maybe this works for the target but for me is just horrible, very messy i don´t even wan´t too look at it.

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Agreed with Vingy.

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bad art.

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