IFAW: Whale tail, 6

In 2008 the Government of Japan killed 551 whales in the Southern Ocean. Help us stop them killing more by uploading your photo to project551.org

One dozen photographers. 26 familiar faces. Over 500 photos so far and counting. This photographic project has been created to show that young or old, lawyer or labourer, the people of Australia support Government action to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean.
When complete the photos collected from the project will be assembled into a Big Book and presented to the Rudd Government.
Add yours at project551.org

Advertising Agency: Republic of Everyone, Sydney, Australia
Photographers: Adrian Lander, Cris Corderio, Toby Burrows, Greta Costello, Ant Geernaert, Bec Griggs, Sullivan Chedanne, Gary Gross, Joshua Morris, AJ Moller, Luc Remond

August 2008


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Crisp One
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At first glance the photos look really cheesy and stock photo-ish. But after I read the description I realized that this is a really cool idea for a petition. It's too bad that they couldn't explain how it's going to work in the actual ad, you know, for the people they are targeting. Because I think a lot of people who see this in print are going to judge these ads too quickly and not go to the website. I think they should have used more low-tech, digital camera style shots and definitely considered switching up the poses in each execution. The art direction of the copy bar doesn't scream "WE MUST STOP THE KILLING" to me. It says "Get a loan at BrokeBank© now and receive a free iPod*." so I don't even want to read what it says in the first place. I know the target is "everyone" but trying to appeal to "everyone" appeals to no one.

This is a great idea gone awry.

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Agreed. I think the message of killing whales should have been more evident at the start of the copy through a "call-to-action" type line, directing people to the website.

The "facts" about whale killing could have just been left to the actual website - perhaps though a fade-in screen before going to the main content of the site.

There's just no urgency in the messaging, which this idea so vitally needs.

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Audrius Kubrik
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Jebus, i agree with you at some points: the people look very photoshoot-happy and engaged in this funny game (at least in THESE photos). and it beams this feeling of a game rather than STOP IT initiative. a stronger copy would be great, too. not exactly the wind of change, but strong nevertheless. good job, guys.

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oh yeah, making a website/book with photos of people throwing a sign with their hands will so totally convince the japanese to stop whaling. little red dinghies throwing nets into your propellers, fistfights with greenpeace kids at high seats and that crazy sea shepard ramming your ships didn't change your mind but a book of photot? that's powerful, man.

what's the word I'm looking for? ah yes, futile.

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Audrius Kubrik
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maybe the handcuffed wrists with this whale-sign and a copy, eg. "Stop Japanese government killing whales. Visit ..." or "Whale killing is criminal. Etc etc" would be more alarming and useful? just thinking...

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I really like the interactive aspect of this campaign... I've done something similar with an university event. I think this type of advertising is effective especially when it is a campaign for an international/national cause.

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Paul Eveleigh
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Save a whale. Harpoon a jap.

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