IFAW: Sanctuary

To research their abundance in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, 680 whales were murdered last season.
Now the Sanctuary is less abundant.
Stop the slaughter. Help us at ifaw.org

Advertising Agency: JWT, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Richard Muntz
Creative Director: Keith Nicolas
Creatives: Harsh Kapadia, Chris Andrews
Illustrator: Tom Bagshaw
Typographer: Darren Evans
Agency Production: Michael Travers
Account Director: Daniel King
Production Company: Central Illustration Agency

June 2011


Hammad S's picture
Hammad S
484 pencils

I really like these messages. But the "stop the slaughter" line shouldn't be at the bottom...you almost completely miss it.

Hahalexander's picture
140 pencils

it wasn't clear to me that the science thing is an excuse to hunt whales until I saw the casefilm, you should communicate this message in your campaign, otherwise it's confusing you think 680 is a lot of whales but it's for science, what's the deal? ofcourse it isn't but this isn't clear to me in the prints

Mauro AD's picture
Mauro AD
4 pencils

Sorry guys but I really think it's done before...
And the previous one is better than this in art and copywriting:



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