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Advertising Agency: Republic of Everyone
Art Director: Leonardo Barbosa

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562 pencils

how cute are these?>?> I love them

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I love those little guys....can't decide which one's my favorite.

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Why can I see the photographer reflected in his glasses?

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haha bad bad

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yeaaa, haahh how can they do such a silly mistake, photographer in glasses

You Are What You Expect

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beautiful work

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nice Idea, but not more than nice.

the photographer in glasses is a mistake, ok, but why theres a strange nick for art direcor, and no other names in it?
Yoou don't have to be ashamed.

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designada grafica
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es creativooo llama la atención jajaja

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er.. guys.. you're not saying that you think these were ACTUALLY SHOT!!!... think about it... its SUPPOSED to come across as a celebrity shoot.. hence the 'natural' reflection in the glasses... check out the other rendition and you'll know...

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