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what... i dont understand

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The explanation from the other ad of the series: Icehouse is Melbourne’s newest ice sports and entertainment facility and is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

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capton john
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Ads of the world has critically lowered its selection criteria for front page. What's new in this concept? What is the idea? This looks like ad for some real estate project where classy interior is shown to sell their apartments.

Think, Act, Invent.

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dean viii
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I've thrown up so much, it's just dry heaves now.

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I was thinking you can polish your kitchen floor and skate, boy was I worng.

because therefore it is

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The first one was at least plausible, although not working for me. This one is straight-up retarded. (Apology to all the handicapped folk out there who unfortunately must be tied to this ad.)

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